Warning Reliable Truck and Auto Steve Klapka & Collette Bowe Cheaters!

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This company cheats customers by quoting a low price initially, then they jack it up as much as 10 times and demand that you pay or they won't release your vehicle. Other tow companies in the area are very familiar with how this company operates, and if you check other tow company reviews online, you will see very few or even zero.Why is this? They have many false positive reviews online because of the many complaints about this company. This is illegal and these people are unethical. DON'T USE THEM!

Reliable Truck and Auto LLC.

525 Pine Street

Hartford, WI 53027


Review about: Towing Services.



This individual has been posting some very awful things about our company, and we just want to set the record straight. Here’s our side of the story.

Jim requested us to tow his vehicle on July 5th, 2010. We did so as he requested. He requested us to diagnose his no start complaint after cylinder head was replaced by another person. After doing an initial scan and speaking with him within six business days, we advised him of what we found. We informed him of the tests we performed, we advised him to take the vehicle to the dealer or to another shop because we did not want to work on it, since he was unwilling to answer any of the questions we had about why the previous repair was done, by whom and under what circumstances. He informed us that he was going to remove the vehicle from here via a truck and trailer. Five business days later, he called requesting us to tow the vehicle to Westside Auto. He came into our office on July 21st, 2010 and would not sign a partially filled in invoice giving us any options as to giving him an estimate or repairing the vehicle. This invoice is presented in accordance with Wisconsin state law 132.04(2) a. On July 21st, 2010 while he was at our shop, he negotiated us down to $50 for diagnosing (which it should be noted was never the “over six hours” he claims). This amount still has not been paid, neither has the tow. Presently, no money has been exchanged on behalf of Jim to Reliable Truck & Auto. The vehicle has not been fixed; no repairs have been performed on it because none were authorized. An estimate was not written because he gave no approval for an estimate in accordance with WI State Statute 132.04(2) a. Jim persistently claims that we are attempting to collect for over six hours of diagnosing, this is completely false and no one ever told him that. He also repeatedly claims to be reasonable, which we have not seen to date. He has made numerous demands of us, and has attempted to extort money from us due to his own inability to use his vehicle (which hadn’t even been titled yet). He was informed within six business days of the vehicle being towed in on a federal holiday that we were not going to be doing anymore diagnosing or repairs on the vehicle. Jim informed us that the vehicle was going to be towed away from Reliable. The only reason the vehicle is here is because Jim wanted it here. He claims to have not authorized anything; however, he did request a tow by phone and authorized the diagnosing of the vehicle by phone as well which is documented in an email from Jim. He also authorized us to do a compression check and to pull the front cover off of the engine; which we informed him that we were not going to do this because we recommended the vehicle to be taken to a dealership or another repair facility that was willing to work on something with the limited information available. The authorization over the phone to tow and the authorization over the phone to diagnose are supported by Wisconsin State Statute 132.02 ANNOT. which states “Customer authorization is required for all repairs, including repairs under $50 and repairs on vehicles brought to the shop without face-to-face contact between the customer and a shop representative. Authorization may be given in person or by telephone, or by any other form of communication between the customer and the shop. Authorization to perform a general repair implies authorization to perform the specific repairs that are normally included in that general repair.” We made an offer to Mr. Schiller stating that we are willing to release the vehicle to him without any money exchanged and in return to have all slanderous remarks removed from the internet and he has refused that offer. The offer was not biased toward any one party.

Mr. Schiller states in his comments that charges of theft have been pursued; however, it should be noted that the Hartford Police Department as determined these claims as unfounded and Reliable Truck & Auto continues to receive assistance from the police department in handling this individual. Mr. Schiller has become irrational and proceeds to harass us, although he has been told that we are operating within our lawful rights by the Hartford Police Department, Department of Trade and Consumer Protection and the Better Business Bureau. Mr. Schiller has been caught trespassing on our property, attempted to extort money from Reliable Truck & Auto and has spent countless hours harassing us in any way possible on the internet. Opinions of individuals of this caliber should be judged as such. Appropriate legal avenues have been taken to address this situation. Mr. Schiller has been an annoyance to all involved and please be assured we are doing everything we can to get it to stop. Perhaps it is time for Mr. Schiller to recognize that the Hartford Police Department have determined we are acting within the law, the Wisconsin Department of Trade and Consumer Protection determined we have done nothing wrong, the Wisconsin Better Business Bureau has determined we have done everything we could to resolve the conflict and we continue to retain an A+ rating with them. Certainly we have nothing to hide. Mr. Schiller makes statements about our surveillance footage, well the surveillance has captured all of our interactions with Mr. Schiller and we have absolutely nothing to hide. It is unfortunate that it has come down to even having to respond to such an individual, especially though this venue. We appreciate those who take the time to read our response.

We started our business to help people, and to help our community and this situation is certainly unfortunate. We will continue living our lives by the Golden Rule: treat others as you would like to be treated. We wish you the same.


Steven Klapka

Owner-Reliable Truck & Auto

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